Hey guys! I’m Manja. I live in Berlin where I work as a freelance content creator and tour guide in the field of sustainability and also consult companies on becoming more sustainable. I love my colorful Berlin city life equally as much as I love being close to the ocean and secluded in nature. I eat everything that comes from plants (mostly dates with chocolate though), I love the sound and smell of nature and the feeling of sun rays on my skin. I choose to live a life with less things and more meaning. I go about everything with positivity and believe that a sustainable lifestyle has nothing to do with restriction and judgment and has everything to do with fun, purpose and kindness! On my blog you’ll find everything on how to live more sustainably for beginners and old hands alike. To go straight to my tour click here.

My Story

I created this blog after traveling to many places of the world reaching from the dirty streets of Myanmar to the golden beaches of Western Australia. I am fortunate enough to have witnessed some of the biggest wonders nature has to offer. Unfortunately I also witnessed some of the biggest effects mankind has had on these natural wonders. I saw beautiful places filled with trash, dead corals, destroyed forests, exploited animals and humans. And all of this because we have not yet learnt how to live sustainably in harmony with nature. I often think the mistake begins with our vocabulary – we speak of nature as if it was something external when really we are part of it. 

sustainable lifestyle
one of many natural wonders: a crytal clear lake in Australia

Because of the way the topic of a sustainable lifestyle has been approached I feel a lot of kind people have been taken the opportunity to feel comfortable in changing bits and parts of their lifestyle, growing into sustainability gradually.

Take me for example: traveling the world has widened my horizon massively. It was my gateway to understanding our world as a whole, being face to face with the problems we are dealing with today. At the time, however, I wasn’t aware that flying had such a big impact on my carbon footprint. I changed my behaviour but I acknowledge that learning. Everyone should be given the opportunity to better themselves step by step. Which is why I want to redefine how we view sustainability. I want to offer a new perspective and space for all of us to learn more and reevaluate what we’ve been taught to think and do. 

My Philosophy – Stay Earthy Live Eco

I am not a fan of lifestyle labels. I do, however, believe that we should all eat more plants, create less waste and be an overall more conscious consumer. The journey is different for everyone, as is the pace at which we feel comfortable with change. Therefore I want to offer you a place of positivity and encouragement where you can learn and be inspired. This empowerment will give you the opportunity to embark on your personal journey to a more sustainable lifestyle You will do so at your own speed and most importantly without judgment. So start right here, browse through blog articles, follow me on Instagram or book a vegan food & lifestyle tour in Berlin and find the first piece of your sustainability puzzle and let’s get started on your journey to a more sustainable lifestyle! 

Happy Days ☀️


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2 thoughts on “About me”

  • Hello dear friend,
    I wanted to know if your vegan tour can be suitable for a gluten free diet, I’m not allergic or have celiac but deal with other health issues and eat GF,
    Nevertheless can I join your vegan tour?
    Kind regards,

    • Hi there Ravit! Thank you for your comment and question! We always do our best to accomodate for any needs on the tour! 🙂 Feel free to reach out through a request on Airbnb to talk further about your specific wishes and I’ll assist with the booking!Cheers Manja

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