Vegan Halloween Recipe – Bats & Spider Bites

Vegan Halloween Recipe – Bats & Spider Bites
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Time for a vegan halloween recipe because the spooky season is upon us! I love to dress up and have an excuse to make colorful crazy food. However, of course I still want my food to be vegan and not filled with all kinds of chemicals. With these bats and spider bites you get the best of both worlds – fun, vegan and no artificial ingredients or coloring. A guaranteed winner at any party plus easy, quick and cheap to make! What else could you ask for?

Makes healthy eaters and allergic guests happy

Thanks to blue corn and matcha these savory bites are packed with nutrients. The recipe is nut free and gluten free. I do however recommend you check the ingredients you buy just to be sure.

vegan halloween recipe

Vegan Halloween Recipe – Bats & Spider Bites

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Prep Time: 20 Minutes Makes: 6 spiders & 6 bats

● 2 big corn tortillas or 4 small ones (traditional Mexican stores will have the most natural ones made only from corn, water & salt)
● 12 corn tortilla chips (I used Mister Free‘d – they’re made from blue corn and have only clean ingredients in them)
● 150g plant-based cream cheese
● 1/2 tsp matcha powder
● Around 15 black olives (pitted!)
● A jar of salsa of your choice


For the spiders

1 – Lay out the tortillas
2 – Take a cup (which should measure about 7-8 cm diagonally) and turn it upside down. Place it on the tortilla wrap. Use a knife to cut along the edges of the cup to create a circle. Remove the cup and take out the tortilla circle. 3 – Lay them out on an oven rack and pop them into the oven at 170 degrees Celcius (340 degrees Fahrenheit). Watch them closely so they don’t burn. Turn them over after 3 minutes. Take them out of the oven after another 2 minutes and make sure to set a timer because a couple seconds more and they’ll start burning. Let them cool off.

Make the cream cheese

4 – Now prepare the olive spiders by rinsing off the olives.
5 – Mix the cream cheese with a knifes tip full of matcha powder – carefully and gradually add more – taste it, check the color, add salt to taste and/or some sugar if you feel it is too bitter.
6 – Once it tastes good and looks green enough to you, spread about 1/2 of a tsp of the cream cheese mix on a baked tortilla cracker. It’ll have to be enough for the olive body and legs to stick – more is not necessary unless you like to use more.


7 – Now take an olive and place it a bit behind the middle of the cracker. Then cut up about 1/3-1/4 of another olive with the olive laying on its long side (don’t half it sideways). Place the cut off top in front of the whole olive as a head.
8 – Take the other 3/4 of the olive and cut in the same direction but this time make thin slices (you want to make them about a milimiter thick, so the legs are thin and look more realistic). Cut the slice by half. Now you have two half moons. Place them around the body of the spider with the 2 hind legs on each side facing backwards and the 2 in the front facing forward.

For the bats

1 – Do as above: make the crackers, make the cream cheese mix and spread it on the crackers. Take a bit more of the spread than you did for the spiders so the tortilla chips stick well.
2 – Now take a whole olive and place it in the middle of the cracker in an upright position but slightly tilted back (like your airplane seat 😄).
3 – Now take 2 tortilla chips and place one on each side of the olive as wings. Make sure to place them down on their edges so they sit up don’t lay on the cracker all the way.

Serve the bats & spiders with bloody salsa in a seperate container for people to dip them in and achieve a great flavor combination 🙂 You can skip this part though I highly recommend it because the sweet and sour flavors of the salsa work great with the bitter olives.

Tips & Important Notes for this vegan halloween recipe

You can also use store-bought crackers if you don’t want to make the tortilla crackers. I recommend this, if you will be storing the bites for a while because if you don’t plan to serve them right away the cracker will become moist over time and loose its crunchiness. Store them in an airtight container to avoid the cream cheese from hardening and building a crust.

Show me your spooky bats & spiders

Let me see your vegan halloween recipe creation of bats & spider by tagging @earthy_eco and using the hashtag #earthyeco <3

You could also make these vegan no bake cheese cake cups with some matcha to add the spooky green color. Add a bloody sauce by blending up strawberries.

Let me know how you and your guest liked them in the comments!

Happy Halloween! 🎃

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