Vegan No-Bake Cheesecake Cups (Only 5 Ingredients)

Vegan No-Bake Cheesecake Cups (Only 5 Ingredients)
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Easy to snack and no baking involved

I’m usually more of a chocolate person as you might know from my Instagram stories. But on this particular day I felt like something creamy that isn’t chocolate. So what is the next best creamy thing after chocolate? That’s right – cheesecake, specifically vegan no-bake cheesecake cups that only need 5 ingredients!

I decided to make this cheesecake a bit more “snackable” which is especially nice because there is no messy cheesecake cutting involved. I was also in a bit of a rush so I wanted them to be a no-bake recipe. That way I could quickly make them, pop them in the freezer and get ready while they harden and wouldn’t have to bother turning on the oven.

So without further ado and because like me you might be in a bit of a hurry to make these delicious little cuppies, here’s the recipe for these vegan no-bake cheesecake cups for which you only need 5 ingredients. Enjoy!

Show me your cheesecake cups

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Vegan No Bake Cheesecake
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Vegan No-Bake Cheesecake Cups

Prep Time: 15-20 min – Freeze Time: 1-1.5 hour

Makes: 6-8 Cups – Can Be Kept in Freezer for: 1-2 weeks



  • 1 cup (150g) of nut mix* (I like to use almonds, hazelnuts & cashews)
  • 1/3 cup (120g) of date syrup* – adjust amount to achieve the perfect consistency (see notes below)

Cheesecake Mix

  • 1/2 medium sized lemon (about 1-1.5 Tbsp)
  • 1 plus 1/3 cup (300g) vegan cream cheese* (I used the new Oatly spread)
  • 3 Tbsp maple syrup (taste and add more if you like it a bit sweeter)

Topping (Optional)

  • 4-5 organic strawberries (or any berries you like)
  • 2 Tbsp almond butter


Vegan No Bake Cheesecake
  • Blend nuts in a food processor until you reach a meal consistency. (If you don’t have a food processor you can buy ground nuts)
  • Add the date syrup, blend and check the consistency. You want to have a dough that sticks when you press it inbetween your fingers but is otherwise rather loose. If it’s too dry add more date syrup. If it’s too wet, add more nuts.
  • Grease a muffin tin. You can’t use paper muffin cups because you need something more stable for it to hold the dough and filling. It also creates more unnecessary waste 🙂 In case you’re interested in creating less waste check out my post on how to shop low waste at an ordinary supermarket)
  • Now take a good Tbsp full of crust for each muffin and press it down firmly so it slightly comes up the sides and creates a cup. You can press it down with the back side of a glass or just use your fingers.
  • Next you’ll take a bowl and add in all Cheesecake Mix ingredients. Stir it well so all the ingredients mix evenly. I don’t recommend using a blender/food processor as I’ve discovered it can break up the consistency and make it runny. I had to learn this the hard way 😀
  • Once mixed well make sure to taste it. Is it too sweet? Add more lemon. Is it too sour? Add more syrup. If it’s too hard and not creamy enough you can add in some plant milk or 1-2 Tbsp of water. But usually simply stiring should make for a creamy smooth consistency.
  • When you’ve reached your prefered taste and consistency, slightly grease the tin and fill the mixture into each muffin cup. Divide mixutre evenly between the muffins. Tap the tin on the counter a couple of times to get rid of air bubbles.
  • Put them in the freezer and leave them for at least 10 minutes before you take them out to add the topping. If you’re not going to top them, you can now leave them there for 1-1.5 hours to harden up. You can eat them straight out of the freezer or let them defrost for a bit before you serve them.
  • For the topping: Wash and cut strawberries into slices. Don’t cut off the green part, it’s perfectly fine to eat, it’s healthy and full of nutrients 🙂
  • Take the Cheesecake Cups out of the freezer when they are just hardening up but aren’t frozen yet (about 10 minutes). Put a strawberry slice on top and drizzle almond butter in “N” shapes over each cup. Put them back in the freezer and enjoy after 1-1.5 hours. Let them defrost for a bit before you serve them.

Important notes for the recipe

N1 Nut Mix: If you use a nut mix makes sure not to use peanuts unless you’d like a peanut butter taste. I love to use hazelnuts and almonds because they make the crust taste similar to “Giotto” which I ate as a kid. Mmhhh!

N2 Date Syrup: You can make it from scratch by using soft (!) dates, cutting them into little pieces and cooking them for a couple of mintues with 1-2 TBSP of water until they become syrup. I used prepackacked date syrup . Alternativley you can use maple syrup though it can lack the “stickiness” the dough needs. Reduce the amount by half, check the consistency and add more if needed.

N3 Vegan Cream Cheese: For the vegan cream cheese you can use any kind of cream cheese though the taste will of course vary a bit. My absolute new favorite is the Oatly Natural Spread which is based on oats. In Germany they are now available at most Rewe & Edeka. Though they are just rolling out the product, so you might have to ask. There are also other alternatives such as the gluten free Simply V Spreads based on almonds or Daiya Cream Cheeze that is sold in the U.S.. I haven’t tried it myself but I have heard good things about it. In any way, an organic store will have some type of vegan cream cheese. You can also make cream cheese from scratch. However I didn’t do this here to save time and get that “real” cream cheese feel.

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Let me know in the comments how you liked it and what cream cheese you ended up using. I’m curious 🙂 !

Happy Days

Manja ☀️

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